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Is Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) the End of a Web Designer’s Carrier?

What will ADI do for me as a communication strategist? Is this the end of my web design carrier? Oh my!!! On the contrary, Wix ADI will make my life much easier and allow me to focus on the bigger picture when working with clients.

On Tuesday, I was at the New York Wix lounge waiting to hear the CEO Avishai Abrahami speak about the latest Wix innovation. His presentation and the reveal of the new Wix AI product is nothing short from extraordinary. What Wix offers is far more than what The Grid will ever be able to. Wix has 10 years of user data and possibly every type of B2B, B2C, B2B2C company vertical under the digital sun. Moreover, Wix has a powerful editor that allows once the AI is done designing to edit or totally customize by hand the new website. My work as a multi-channel designer and strategist is to integrate medias: print, digital, email, video and web. The Wix ADI, will allow me to assist the client in making design and business choices: i.e. what products should I display?, what are my services?… Wix ADI directly implements keywords in the copy for the client to edit. I will never have to chase after a company mission statement and have to write one myself from scratch again! While I care deeply for the visual presence of my clients on all 360 platforms I am glad that Wix ADI will care about ironing out the business plan with them before I come in to identify with the client clear-cut business goals and objectives.

Moreover, it is quite obvious that in the future, the Wix ADI will suggest changes to increase traffic based on the analytics. Coupled with a AI virtual assistant and all the business tools that Wix already offers, Wix will become the #1 communication and business solution. With VR around the corner and websites soon to leave the 2D realm of the computer screen, I’m really quite impressed and I can't wait to make my first ADI website! Here is the link to the early access:


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