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You Can be an AR Holo-Princess Too!

Hot topic lately in the media for accomplishing to recreating a holographic Starwars like "Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi" augmented reality "holoportation" demo, the Microsoft Hololense is actually AR and not VR (Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality).

While the two technologies are technically and conceptually different from one another, they can be integrated into a MR (Mixed Reality) experience.

AR would then become a gateway technology to VR. Who would have expected AR to do such a comeback and bridge the gap between traditional media (Out of Home, Direct-Mail, Publishing) and create a new media landscape where direct-mail, AR, VR and e-commerce are seamlessly integrated? Yes, I did say e-commerce! (Watch out Amazon!)

The AR holoportation demo goes beyond the single user perception of an augmented reality as it illustrates how two people wearing the headset can see each other and perhaps at some point experience triggered media together. Video conferences will never be the same!!!


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